Sunday, April 10, 2011

Jack Wilshere fills up his £80k Mercedes sports car


Fill 'er up: Arsenal footballer Jack Wilshere is spotted filling up his new £80,000 Mercedes

He has just splashed out £80,000 on a brand new sports car, but footballer Jack Wilshere may need to add a mini-van to his collection.

The father-to-be, 19, was spotted filling up the tank of his SL500 Mercedes convertible this week.

The Arsenal star took every care with his new baby, wearing disposable gloves while he topped up on fuel.

Luxury: The SL500 cost less than a fortnight's pay for the 19-year-old, but isn't the most appropriate vehicle for a baby seat

The 80,000 car, which also costs a rumoured £2000 a month in insurance, costs less than a fortnight's pay for the £50,000-a-week footballer.

The sleek, matte black car drew stares at the local petrol station, but the sports star may need to find a vehicle more suited to a baby seat soon.

It emerged last month that Jack will become a father in August.

Handle with care: Jack, who is set to become a father in August, wore disposable gloves to fill up the tank

Wilshere was said to be 'shocked but delighted' when he discovered his ex-girlfriend, Lauren Neal, 22, was expecting.

The couple separated earlier this year after three years together, but they are determined to work together to raise their unborn child.

A close friend told The Sun the footballer is planning to support Neal throughout her pregnancy and attend hospital appointments and ante-natal classes with her.

Working hard for the money: Today Wilshere helped Arsenal beat Blackpool 3-1 at Bloomfield Road

'Although Jack and Lauren are not technically together at the moment, they're still close. He has vowed to stand by her and support her.

'At the moment they're living apart, but Jack's very keen to see as much of the baby as possible when it is born. Who knows, it might bring them back together officially.'

source: dailymail

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