Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Block B takes fans behind the scenes on Mnet’s “Star Cam”

On May 2nd, the members of Block B landed a special corner in Mnet Wide’s “Star Cam” and gave fans a special glimpse into their day-to-day activities.

In the show’s usual fashion, the members carry around cameras as they complete their daily schedules. Viewers can get brief glimpses of the scene in their waiting room and from the set of their first variety outing in “100 Points out of 100.”

In the restaurant, P.O. reveals that he’s a fanboy for 2NE1’s Dara by flashing a picture of his cellphone background. Jaehyo goes a step further by showing off that he’s wearing socks with a cartoon version of Dara on them.

The camera is then transferred to U-Kwon, who shoots a scene of their messy dorm, or “apocalypse”, as he calls it. As expected of a dorm housing seven boys, it’s in a complete disarray, with hangers collapsing to the floor under the weight of their clothes.

Later in the car, Kyung trolls Taeil when he asks if he looks like a shark. B-Bomb asks what shark is in English, and after hearing Taeil answer correctly, Kyung corrects, “No, it’s Jaws.“ Taeil asks back, “What’s ’shark’ then?” Kyung teases again, “It’s what you call female sharks.”

Check out their English subbed “Star Cam” segment below!

source : allkpop

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