Monday, May 2, 2011

SME considers adding another concert date for “SM Town Live in Paris”

On May 1st, 300+ French K-Pop fans held a flash mob event at the Pyramide de Louvres in Paris to attempt to convince SM Entertainment to add another concert date to their “SM Town Live in Paris” concert.

Korean media outlets like MBC and SBS covered the event, and it seems the efforts of the fans have paid off, as SM Entertainment has announced that they’re discussing plans of adding an extra concert date.

Representatives stated, “Not only French fans, but all K-Pop fans of Europe participated in the flash mob event. Because of the overwhelming support we’ve been receiving from our European fans, we will be checking our artists’ schedules and discuss adding another date to the concert.”

The first concert, which is currently scheduled for June 10th, sold out all 7,000 seats within 15 minutes of tickets going on sale.

source: allkpop

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