Monday, April 25, 2011

Glee's Lea Michele lights up Times Square


I've arrived! Lea Michele films scenes for Glee in a colourful outfit in the middle of Times Square New York today

Lea Michele found a sure fire way to stand out from the crowd as she filmed in New York's Times Square today.

The 24-year-old donned a vibrant multi-coloured striped coat with red tights, yellow shoes and a cream beret hat to shoot scenes for the season finale of the hit show.

The actress threw her arms in the air with a delight while cameras rolled on the first ever episode of the show to be filmed in the Big Apple.

Glee-full: Lea wore a vibrant outfit as she excitedly performed scenes on the location set

Lea is in New York for the next week and a half to shoot scenes for the season finale of the second season and is thrilled at the chance to film on the East Coast.

'Now it’s time to get movin because my dream of shooting Glee in NYC is finally coming true! Hope u r ready NYC…Miss Rachel Berry is here!!' she tweeted before the shoot.

Singing in the street: Lea was joined by the rest of the Glee cast as they shot a musical number in the middle of Times Square

She was joined on location by co-stars Cory Monteith, Diana Agron, Jenna Ushkowitz, Heather Morris, Chris Colfer, Mark Salling and Ashley Fink.

The girls were spotted filming a musical number which involved dancing their way down a huge flight of stairs in the middle of Times Square.

The boys were spotted watching from behind the scenes.

Lea recently revealed quite how close she is with her female cast mates admitting they even have a regular girlie night that they call the 'First Wives Club.'

In an interview with Marie Claire Michele says: 'It started a year and a half ago.

She's got the moves: Heather Morris strikes a pose while Lea Michele and Jenna Ushkowitz giggle

'The girls would get a bottle of red wine and stay a few hours after work to hang out and catch up in my trailer.

'Now we do it whenever we want.

'Occasionally we'll let one of the boys in and it's so funny to hear them talk about it. They're like: "Have you been to First Wives Club?"

'''I've been once... did they let you in? They let me in last week but they wouldn't let me in this week".'

Lunch break: The cast enjoyed sandwiches on the steps in between takes

Bright sight: Dianna Agron donned an orange trench while Chris Colfer rocked a purple shirt and fur hat for the shoot

'We also hang out a lot together off the set - I'm with Dianna, Amber and Jenna [Ushkowitz who plays Tina Cohen-Chang] nearly every day.'

Michele also admits to having a good relationship with her male cast mates, revealing that she teases Cory Monteith - who plays Finn Hudson - about the day he dropped her on set.

She says: 'In the Rocky Horror episode I had a scene where I fainted and Cory would catch me.

'We did it 600 times, but on one take he forgot to catch me and I hit the deck, hard.
'I will never let him live that one down - the day he dropped me.'

Lazy boys: Cory Monteith and Mark Salling had a more relaxed appearance than the girls

All together: Lea Michele, Diana Agron, Jenna Ushkowitz, Heather Morris and Ashley Fink danced their way down a flight of stairs as they filmed the musical number

Glee in NYC - Ashley Fink

Glee in NYC - Lea Michele

Glee in NYC - Chris Colfer and Ashley Fink

source: dailymail

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