Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wheesung bursts into laughter over Kim Tae Woo’s rapping on “Music Bank”

On yesterday’s episode of “Music Bank“, Kim Tae Woo collaborated with Wheesung for a special rap performance of “Words That Freeze My Heart“.

Hilariously, a live broadcast mistake resulted from the collaboration, as Wheesung burst out into laughter after watching Kim Tae Woo stumble with his rap. Being a vocalist, Kim Tae Woo was unable to keep up with the pace and so he stumbled over his words.

Through K-Will’s Twitter, Wheesung later apologized for laughing. “I’ll be saying this in place of Wheesung since he doesn’t have a Twitter. We would like to apologize to everyone for failing to train our bear!”

Meanwhile, on his mini-homepage, Kim Tae Woo wrote, “Bear Tae Woo tried to rap for the first time in 12 years in order to help out my friend Wheesung. Unfortunately, it was a fail. But still Wheesung, don’t you think that you laughed too hard~? I mustered the bravery to rap for you. I’m sorry and I love you, my friend. Wheesung forever!”

Netizens commented, “I laughed along with him”, “This wasn’t Music Bank, it was Gag Bank”, “Wheesung is a person too, he has to laugh if it’s funny”, and “Wheesung’s known to be a professional, so imagine how funny it was.”

Check it out below! (Starts around 2:20)

source: allkpop

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