Monday, April 25, 2011

Kim Jong Min releases second MV teaser for “Oppa, Find Strength”

After shocking fans with his first teaser earlier this week, Kim Jong Min has returned with part two for his solo debut, “Oppa, Find Strength.”

The teaser follows in the same fashion as the first, with Kim Jong Min dressed as a pierrot in ‘Two Face’ style. He solemnly stands there as he’s pummeled with hateful criticisms that state, “He’s not funny at all”, “I hate him so much”, and “I don’t want to see him on TV.”

The dark atmosphere is abruptly broken, however, when fellow Koyote member Shinji appears out of nowhere and playfully slaps him upside his head.

She asks a tearful Kim Jong Min, “What’re you doing?” He replies, “Oh, I’m releasing a solo album soon.” The teaser then takes a comedic turn with Shinji asking back, “Are you sure you can sing live?”

Check it out below!

source: allkpop

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