Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The end is nigh but Britney Spears keeps on dancing as she premieres apocalyptic video for new single Till The World Ends


Let the party begin: As meteors begin to fall, Britney struts through the basement, gathering dancers to her side

There are many who believe that when the ancient Mayan calendar comes to an end on December 21 2012, so will humankind and the world as we know it in an apocalyptic event.

But one person that doesn't seem too bothered by that cataclysmic prospect is Britney Spears, who will just boogie her way through the death and destruction.

The pop princess premiered the video for her new single Till The World Ends yesterday which has an apocalyptic feel and is set on the doomed date.

And while the sky goes dark, people take cover in manholes and meteors fall all around smashing everything in their paths, Miss Spears just keeps on dancing.

Looking like a musical version of Mad Max, her new video was debuted on her YouTube page this morning, two days after she posted a 30 second teaser.

Come on boys: Britney claps along as she is surrounded by grungy but sexy male dancers

Set against a dirty basement backdrop, the video's dingy underground scenes and grungy-looking cast captures that end of the world feel perfectly.

And Britney, who is making her chart comeback after a two-year break, is back doing what she does best - and is looking hotter than ever.

It's the end of the world as we know it: The video is set on the date that the ancient Mayan calendar ends - and when humankind will cease to exist

Earth under threat: A huge meteor heads for our planet...

... as people race to manholes to take cover underground

Surrounded by grungy-looking dancers in ripped vests, biker boots and denim shorts, Britney looked every inch the 21st century rock chick in ripped tights, a black bodysuit, a Burberry Prorsum studded leather jacket and matching fingerless leather gloves.

Flicking her long blonde hair back and forth as she gyrates and pouts at the camera, she gets up close and personal with her sexy male dancers.

Death and destruction: Meteors smash into buildings, setting them on fire...

... but Britney and her gang continue the party as the world comes to an end

Of course, despite the initial fear that the planet is facing the end, the sun does come out, shining through Britney and her dancers as they party on and she sings: 'See the sunlight, we ain't stopping, keep on dancing till the world ends.'

We then see her rise out of a manhole as she greets the sun and looks around her.

It is Britney's second comeback single, taken off her new album Femme Fatale, which was released four weeks ago and made the top ten in the US within days.

It's Britney, b**ch: The pop star tousles her blonde wavy hair as she sings seductively to the camera

The uptempo dance-pop and electropop song with a chant-like chorus has Britney singing about dancing until the end of the world.

It was written for Britney by fellow chart-topper Kesha who said she was imagining Spears and any other female musician touring the world.

She said: 'When you go out, and you're having an amazing, magical night and you don't want to go to sleep and you want it to last until the world ends.'

The premiere of the video tomorrow will also include a choreography cut, which features more dancing and a director's cut, which focuses more on the apocalyptic storyline.

Britney spoke about making the video and said she was really pleased with the way it turned out even though she found the experience quite dirty

She said: 'The set was a little much. It was grimy and it was gross and it felt like there was poop everywhere when there really wasn't, it was just sweat everywhere.

Turned out nice again: Britney greets the sun and sees the world in tact as she emerges from the basement party through a manhole

'It was disgusting sometimes. It was a bit much, yeah. (But) I toughed it out... It was fun, it was a lot of fun.'

She also revealed that she had to swap her high heeled boots for flat Uggs for the close-up scenes as she was in discomfort.

Britney Spears - Till The World Ends

source: dailymail

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