Monday, April 11, 2011

K-pop group MBLAQ unveils “Your Luv” PV

Popular K-pop group MBLAQ have kicked off their debut activities by unleashing the PV for their new song, “Your Luv“.

They’re notorious back in Korea for their sharp dance moves, and it looks like the boys are aiming to establish that same reputation in Japan. Playing with the concepts of ‘night’ and ‘day’, they’re seen tearing up the dance floor in flashy, textured outfits and hair that fangirls are sure to go wild for.

It’s a flashy video, but we’re not altogether sure why the producers decided to stick in “Golden Snitches” here and there across the screen. Check out the video below, and toss us your thoughts on this new Hallyu band!

source: tokyohive

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