Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lindsay Lohan bailed out of Lynwood after being sentenced to FOUR months in jail


Back out of jail: Lindsay Lohan, seen here arriving at the LAX courthouse in Los Angeles today, has been bailed out of the Lynwood Correctional Facility just hours after being sentenced to a four-month jail term

Lohan in custody for five hours at Lynwood Correctional Facility until bailsman posted $75k bail

Judge reduces felony grand theft charge to a misdemeanour

Lindsay Lohan has been bailed out of the Lynwood Correctional Facility just hours after being sentenced to a four-month jail term, today.

According to TMZ, the Mean Girls actress, whose bail was set at $75,000, was in custody for five hours at the facility, until a bailsman put up the cash to free her.

Her stint at the jail comes after Judge Stephanie Sautner threw the book at the Mean Girls star in a Los Angeles court today, and sentenced her to the four-month jail term.

Pensive: A court sketch shows Lohan sat next to her lawyer Shawn Chapman as jeweller store owner Kaman takes the witness stand

But the actress's lawyer Shawn Chapman said she would appeal the ruling, which will allow the actress to post bail, seemingly leading to the release.

The actress is next due back in court on May 11 for a pre-trial hearing with the trial scheduled for June 3.

The actress's sentencing came after Judge Sautner had heard testimonies against her in the necklace theft case and declared there was sufficient evidence that she had violated her probation, which stems from a 2007 DUI.

The 24-year-old showed little reaction when she was handed down the ruling and was swiftly led away from court by bailiffs.

Not happy: Lohan's father Michael Lohan, pictured after court today, has already spoken out slamming the court's decisions

Kamofie & Co jewellery store owner Sofia Kaman

Head in her hands: Lohan ended up in tears as today's hearing drew to a close, seen here with Chapman

Preliminary hearing: The actress wore a black top, Navy blue trousers teamed with an off-white scarf and wore her hair in an updo. She was accompanied by her lawyer Chapman, who wore a red dress

Solem: Lohan made no comment as she walked past photographers and journalists, seen right her father Michael Lohan who bagged a front row seat inside the court

Media frenzy: Photographers watch as the U.S. actress rides the elevator to the court room

Scene of the incident: The Kamofie & Co jewellery store in Venice, California

Family support: Lohan took her mind off her legal woes yesterday with a trip to the Six Flag Magic Mountain fun park with brother Michael and sister Ali

source: dailymail

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