Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Photos of YoonA and Sunny on “Running Man” revealed

SNSD’s YoonA and Sunny will appear in the next episode of SBS’s “Running Man“!

On April 12th, SBS revealed that the two popular idols will appear in the episode airing on the 17th.

The two were recently seen filming the show in one of Seoul’s open markets, and it’s said that the ”Running Man” members were excited at the girls’ appearances. Haha and Gary even took pictures with them during filming, making all oppa fans jealous.

The idols participated in the ‘Find the Guest’ game, where the members had to search for the two without knowing their identities beforehand. To hide their well-known identities, the girls wore casual dark-colored clothes as well as hats.

A staff commented, “During filming, the two girls showed that their clothes could not hide their superior beauty. Even the people on site during filming admired YoonA and Sunny’s beauty.”

source: allkpop

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