Friday, April 8, 2011

Shy Katy Perry turns male companion into a human shield as she hides behind hunky friend


Human shield: Katy grabbed onto the back of her male friend's jacket and bent over to hide her face

Katy Perry could never be described as a shrinking violet but the outgoing star seemed to be very shy when she left her New York apartment yesterday.

The Teenage Dream singer hid behind her male companion and a pair of oversized sunglasses as she headed out, turning him into a human shield.

She then lifted up her grey scarf and coffee cup to cover her face even further.

Why so shy? Katy wore oversized glasses and an all-black ensemble to disguise herself

Despite being out of character with her coy behaviour, Katy still looked stunning in an all-black outfit.

She showed off her lithe frame in a little skirt, tights, a leather jacket and stiletto boots alongside her Chanel handbag.

Separate strolls: Katy hid again under her grey scarf, while Russell was also strolling around New York City solo

Katy’s raven hair was up in a slick bun but she added a bit of colour with bright red lipstick.

The 26-year-old had jetted back to New York from Glasgow earlier this week to take a break from her California Dreams tour, to reunite with her husband Russell Brand.

But although Russell was also spotted strolling around New York’s streets of Tribecca yesterday, the couple weren’t seen together.

Heading out: Russell Brand later left the couple's apartment in New York City to go and promote his new film Arthur

Panned: One critic described the 35-year-old actor as 'just not that funny' and the movie 'should put a nail in the coffin' of his film career'

source: dailymail

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