Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hands up if you think you're sexy: The celebrities more attractive to women because of...


Ladies' favourite: How Barack Obama wooed women's votes

A new study reveals that women are more attracted to men who have a ring finger longer than their index finger.

The report from the British Royal Society’s journal, Biological Sciences, reveals that women are drawn to the tell-tale signs of high testosterone levels, such as a symmetrical face, a deeper voice and, bizarrely, a ‘masculine’ long fourth finger.

So which of these handsome — and not so gorgeous — gents fits the formula?

Mr Darcy: Colin Firth has got the magic touch

Ladies men? You Jolie well know Hollywood heart-throb Brad Pitt measures up; but Royal hellraiser Prince Harry, right, falls short

WAG magnet: Footballer David Beckham is a shortie, but is still able to score at will

The X Factor: Pop svengali Simon Cowell's got the X-tended Factor, and actor Daniel Craig is an agent of seduction

Vince Cable's fault again? David Cameron seems less likely to have luck with the ladies

It's not an act: At least not for George Clooney; but former Doctor Who David Tennant has put in a less than convincing performance

Gathers no moss: Rolling Stone Mick Jagger CAN get satisfaction

Style icons: It's a snip for Scissorhands Johnny Depp; while, right, it's hat's off to ladies man Jude Law

Licence to thrill: Former 007 Sean Connery is the real Goldfinger

No lonely heart for long: Paul McCartney's well equipped for plucking those sexy bass notes

Dream on Prezza: Bending your finger, as the former deputy prime minister is here, doesn't count

source: dailymail

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