Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Katie Price and Leandro Penna's whirlwind romance as they go sky-diving


'I can't look': Katie Price closes her eyes and hugs her knees as her tandem master prepares to land after jumping out of a plane at thousands of feet in Cordoba, Argentina

They've been walking around with their heads in the clouds since meeting at an Oscars party seven weeks ago.

And today, the whirlwind romance between Katie Price and Leandro Penna reached new heights - quite literally - as they jumped out of a plane thousands of feet in the air.

The glamour model, 32, and male model, 25, enjoyed tandem skydives above Penna's home province of Cordoba, Argentina.

Flying high: Price looked like she was enjoying herself as she soared over the green fields

Currently on holiday in the South American country with her latest love, Penna has been showing off the lush countryside.

So after enjoying leisurely lunches and horse-riding earlier this month, the couple decided to up the action with a skydive above the city of Alta Gracia - located in the north of the province of Cordoba - 20 miles north from Penna's hometown of Despeñaderos.

Jumping while tandem with a qualified instructor, Price and Penna would have enjoyed a freefall of between 15 and 45 minutes before the parachute was pulled, depending on what height they jumped out of the plane.

That was fun! Price looked thrilled when she finally landed safely on the ground

After landing back down to Earth, Price posted a photo on her Twitter page: 'This is me and Leo skydiving. Can't believe we did it.'

Once landing safely, the ecstatic pair were greeted by Penna's parents Hector and Mercedes, who appear to be getting on famously with the glamour model since meeting earlier this week.

While Price appeared to have a smooth landing, having hugged in her knees in preparation, Penna didn't look quite so prepared and landed on his backside.

A celebratory kiss: After skydiving separately, the couple were reunited on the ground

Thanks for looking after me: Price kisses her tandem master after he safely navigated her to Earth during the parachute jump

Goofing around: Price posted a photo of her holding her insurance waiver alongside her and Penna's tandem master in the hanger before taking off

Feeling nervous: The couple talked to her reality TV crew before boarding the plane ahead of their skydive

source: dailymail

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